Sunday Services


We'd love you to join us for our morning service this Sunday. Young and old, all are welcome!

We meet to love and encourage one another in Jesus, to help each other see how wonderful Jesus is. We meet to pray, sing, listen to the Bible and share with one another. We'd love you to join us.

Love one another as Jesus has loved us
We're especially aware that this is a tough time for people, and we all have different feelings about how things should be done. Below sets out how our Sunday service will run. Please bear with us as we try to plot a way forward that seeks to care for and welcome everybody. We may need to change/correct things as we go!
We all need Jesus's help to to bear with each other and love one another through this (especially to love those with whom we disagree!)


No booking required

  • There is no need to book in beforehand, just turn up.

  • We do provide a venue-check-in QR code for those who would like to use it


  • We're aware that good ventilation helps minimise the spread of COVID-19. We will keep doors open where possible.

  • We have also added a mechanical air extraction unit to aid ventilation

Arriving & Leaving

  • On arrival there will be hand sanitiser available

  • Stewards will guide people to a pew and we ask people to stay seated as much as possible and chat to those around them

  • At the end of the service we ask everyone to remain seated for a moment to enable those in the socially distanced seats to leave first if they would like.


  • The central block of pews will be free to be used with no social distancing

  • Under the balcony on the sides, we’ll have every other pew roped off to provide social distanced pews for those who have requested it.

  • A dedicated section of the balcony can be made available for extra seating if required

Face coverings

  • Face Coverings are now required for all over 11s while in the church building (unless you are exempt).

  • Please see the link at the top of the page for more information.

Children’s groups

  • All ages will begin together in the service.

  • Part way through, the children will leave for age-appropriate groups. Our groups are as follows:​​

    • Sunday Tots (0-pre-school)​

    • Sunday Kids (Reception - Year 6)

    • Sunday Youth (Year 7+)


  • We will sing in the service!


  • We livestream our services through our YouTube channel for those who can’t come or don’t feel comfortable in coming.