Family Nativity Service Banner.png

Sunday 12th December


Bring the whole family to join in celebrating Christmas at our Nativity Service 😀

You'll meet Lambert the lamb, hear and see the true story of the first Christmas,

sing some great Christmas songs, and find out more of the good news of Jesus.

Read below for more details of what to expect when you come.


No booking required

  • There is no need to book in beforehand, just turn up.

  • We do provide a venue-check-in QR code for those who would like to use it


  • We're aware that good ventilation helps minimise the spread of COVID-19. We will keep doors open where possible.

  • We have also added a mechanical air extraction unit to aid ventilation

Arriving & Leaving

  • On arrival there will be hand sanitiser available

  • Stewards will guide people to a pew and we ask people to stay seated as much as possible and chat to those around them if they would like

  • At the end of the service we ask everyone to remain seated for a moment to enable those in the socially distanced seats to leave first if they would like.

No refreshments this year

  • Due to the number of people at the service (and our limited space for moving around) we won't be serving refreshments as we have in the past. There will, however, be sweets or chocolates for you to help yourself to on your way out if you would like one 😀


  • The central block of pews will be free to be used with no social distancing required

  • Under the balcony on the sides, we’ll have every other pew roped off to provide some social distanced seating. These are available on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Extra seating in the balcony is available too.

Face coverings

  • The government is encouraging people to continue to wear face coverings in crowded indoor spaces such as public transport

  • We believe that at this point people are free to make their own decisions. Some will wear them and some won't - we just ask that we all respect other people's decisions. 


  • We'll all join in singing some brilliant Christmas songs.

No Livestream

  • Because there will be children involved this service will not be livestreamed.

If you have any questions or concerns