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Easter Bible Convention 2017  
12/04/17  "Displaying Glory"  John 2  Rupert Bentley-Taylor
11/04/17  "Detecting Glory"  John 1:35-51  Rupert Bentley-Taylor
10/04/17  "Deflecting Glory"  John 1:19-36  Rupert Bentley-Taylor
09/04/17 AM  "The Final Verdict"  Amos 9 James Leggett
12/03/17 AM  "Seek Me And Live"  Amos 5 James Leggett
05/03/17 AM  "Prepare To Meet Your God"  Amos 4 James Leggett
26/02/17 AM  "Hope For The Hopeless"  Psalm 42 James Pontin
05/02/17 AM  "Come!"  Revelation 22:6-21 James Pontin
15/01/17 AM  "Heaven!"  Revelation 21:1-8 James Pontin
08/01/17 AM  "Victory!"  Revelation 20 James Pontin
04/12/16 AM  "Hallelujah"  Revelation 19 James Pontin
27/11/16 AM  "The Fall Of Babylon"  Revelation 18 James Pontin
13/11/16 AM  "The Woman On The Beast"  Revelation 17 James Pontin
06/11/16 AM  "Religious Traps"  Mark 7:1-23 James Leggett
30/10/16 AM  "Body Image"  Revelation 12:1-2 James Pontin
23/10/16 AM  "We All Have Them"  Psalm 73 James Leggett
16/10/16 AM  "Seven Bowls Of Wrath"  Revelation 16 James Pontin
09/10/16 AM  "Standing Beside The Sea"  Revelation 15 James Pontin
02/10/16 AM  "The Harvest To Come"  Revelation 14 James Pontin
25/09/16 AM  Harvest Service  Deuteronomy 8:1-4 James Pontin
18/09/16 AM  "Grace & God's Provision" Ephesians 6:10-20 James Leggett
11/09/16 AM  "Grace In The Church" Ephesians 4:1-16 James Leggett
04/09/16 AM  "Grace The Gift Of God" Ephesians 1:3-14 James Leggett
28/08/16 AM  "Forgotten But Promoted" Genesis 40:1-23 Brian Ruff
21/08/16 PM  "Trapped But Protected" Genesis 39 Brian Ruff
21/08/16 AM  "Chosen But Rejected" Genesis 37:12-36 Brian Ruff
14/08/16 AM  "The Lord Reigns" Psalm 93 James Pontin
31/07/16 AM  "The Divisiveness Of Jesus" Matthew 10:34-42 James Leggett
24/07/16 AM  "The Mission Of Jesus" Matthew 10:1-33 James Leggett
17/07/16 AM  "Strangers Who are Standing Fast" 1 Peter 5:12-14 Rev. Jonny Raine
10/07/16 AM  "Is Jesus Enough For You" Colossians 1:15-23 Rt. Rev. Rod Thomas
03/07/16 AM  "A Timely Prayer" Matthew 9:35-38 James Pontin
19/06/16 AM  "Jesus Calls Sinners" Matthew 8:23-9:13 James Leggett
12/06/16 AM  "Jesus & Death" Matthew 8:1-22 James Leggett
05/06/16 AM  "A Dangerous Counterfeit" Revelation 13 James Pontin
29/05/16 AM  "Beware Of An Angry Dragon" Revelation 12 James Pontin
22/05/16 AM  "The World And The Word" Revelation 11 James Pontin
15/05/16 AM  Thanksgiving Service John 3:1-15 James Leggett
08/05/16 AM  "A Word For The World" Revelation 10 James Pontin
01/05/16 AM  "The Trumpet Sounds" Revelation 8-9 James Pontin
24/04/16 AM  "Real Food" John 21:15-25 James Leggett
17/04/16 AM  "Breakfast On The Beach" John 21:1-14 James Leggett
10/04/16 AM  "Believing Is Seeing" John 20:19-31 Keith Doust
03/04/16 AM  "Names Matter" John 20:10-18 Alan Brown
Easter Bible Convention 2016  
21/03/16 AM  "Facets Of The Cross" Andrew Sach
22/03/16 AM  "Facets Of The Cross - Victory Over Satan" Andrew Sach
23/03/16 AM  "Facets Of The Cross - The Model Christian Life" Andrew Sach
20/03/16 AM  "Now Is The Time" John 12:12-26 James Leggett
13/03/16 AM  "Does God Have You Marked Out?" Revelation 7 James Pontin
06/03/16 AM  "Why Doesn't God Do Something?" Revelation 6 James Pontin
28/02/16 AM  "Is There Any Hope For This World?" Revelation 5 James Pontin
21/02/16 AM  "Three Times Holy" Isaiah 6 Alan Brown
14/02/16 AM  "God Is Not A Teddy Bear" Revelation 4 James Pontin
07/02/16 AM  "If You've Got Ears, Use Them!" Revelation 2-3 James Pontin
31/01/16 AM  "God Brace Us For The Future" Revelation 1 James Pontin
24/01/16 AM  "The World Is In A Mess" Romans 1:18-32 James Leggett
17/01/16 AM  "We Should've Known Better" Romans 1:18-32 James Leggett
10/01/16 AM  "God Has A Right To Be Angry" Romans 1:18-32 James Leggett
03/01/16 AM  "Motto Text" 2 Corinthians 4:16 - 5:10 James Leggett

If you are looking for older sermons please contact us at the church office. We will be happy to email them to you.

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